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Cake Topper (2/4)48 views
Music Clip - Mom60 viewsThis metal clip is designed to hold music book pages in place. By all accounts, it works quite well. (Material: Stainless Steel)
Music Clip - Sister46 viewsSimilar to the music clip for Mom, this clip also holds pages of music books. (Material: Stainless steel)
Steampunk Engineer (3/4)56 viewsThe phrase on the back reads "opere et veritate". It means "in action and in truth"; idiomatically, it means "doing what is morally right through everyday actions".
Giver of Mercy (2/4)46 viewsI am a big fan of the wings.
Giver of Mercy (4/4)30 viewsThe letters didn't come out extremely well on this model. The middle "e" in Ehlenna is kinda messed up.
Last Stand Story57 viewsThis story goes with the Last Stand, shown in the project photos gallery:

Last additions - User galleries
Angel Button-Thing193 viewsThis was mostly an experiment. I made a line sketch of this angel, and I wanted to see how it would turn out on something like a button. The details mostly came out - I was experimenting with multi-level engravings (using grayscale steps, rather than strictly blurred black lines) It worked all right, although I think the scale needs to be magnified for the effect to work properly.Aug 20, 2013
Centauress (4/5)56 viewsTop view, showing the raised details on her blanket-holder.Aug 20, 2013
Centauress (3/5)58 viewsFunny story. This side was the "front" when I modeled her in Blender. When I printed the words on the bottom, I printed them upside-down, because I was using this as the "front". Most people will look at the bottom by rotating towards them from the other side, which is the natural "front" because she faces that way.Aug 20, 2013
Centauress (5/5)53 viewsYes, this centauress is the herald of spring, bringing green back to the world after months of cold white.Aug 20, 2013
Centauress (2/5)57 viewsI was able to do a better job on lighting for this model. Still, much improvement is needed.Aug 20, 2013
Centauress (1/5)55 viewsThis was made for my younger sister, who graduated from high school this year. She likes horses, and I like fantasy things. She was very pleased when she saw this compromise.

The flowers were printed slightly raised, so they were easier to paint. The model is about 2.5 inches in each direction.
Aug 20, 2013
Silver Flower Ornament (1/3)57 viewsOther side of the ornament.Aug 20, 2013
Silver Flower Ornament (2/3)63 viewsSide view of the ornament.Aug 20, 2013